Nine Summer organizes into small teams with world-class skills to take on projects and situations that conventional technology teams don't have expertise, time, or resources to tackle. We have the proven ability to operate in difficult and challenging conditions with severe constraints. We thrive on complex, ambiguous, and urgent projects; and especially projects that require strong doses of innovation.

Nine Summer excels in the following situations:

  • Venture capital-backed companies in need of help developing a new product.
  • Companies in need of help improving existing products or creating product extensions.
  • Clients that need innovation more than they need expertise in a particular technology; although we also offer superlative technical expertise.
  • Clients in need of a managed team rather than individuals for existing team augmentation.

Most of our clients are based in the New York City metropolitan area and throughout the continental U.S. However, we welcome the opportunity to work with innovative companies based in Hawaii—especially between November and February :-)